We are blessed to have a dedicated team of staff passionate about serving the youth of Northern Indiana.

  • For general inquiries, please call our main office at (260) 484-4551.
  • For specific questions, please see the staff directory below.
  • For current openings, visit our Employment Opportunities page
  • Shawna Balsiger
    Whitko Youth Director
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  • Brian Biedenbach
    Director of Leader Development
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  • Amy Binkley
    Adult Empowerment &
    RealTALK Director 
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  • Danielle Blackburn
    Crestview & Riverview MS
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  • Reggie Blackmon
    City Life Director 46807
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  • Renai Byler
    Economis Administrator for City Life
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  • Jessica Burch
    Manchester HS
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  • Edwin Chow
    Homestead Community
    Campus Life Director
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  • Sharon Clark
    City Life Administrative Assistant
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  • Carolyn Crowder
    City Life Food Ministry Coordinator

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  • Precious Cryer
    City Life After School Coordinator

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  • Jared Delagrange
    East Noble HS
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  • Aaron French
    Wabash HS
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  • JR Gray
    Warsaw Community
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  • Loren Hayes
    Executive Administrator
    260.484.4551 x201
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  • Liz Irick
    Huntington North HS
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  • Kristian Jarrett
    Regional Director - Allen, DeKalb, & Steuben Counties
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  • Jake Johnson
    Columbia City HS
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  • Jeanette Jordan
    Indian Spring MS

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  • Karl Kostoff
    Director of Finance
    260.484.4551 x205
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  • Zach Labie
    New Haven HS
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  • Savannah Labie
    New Haven MS
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  • Emily Lahr
    Director of Engagement
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  • Larry Lance
    Senior Advisor/President Emeritus
    260.484.4551 x204
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  • Josiah Martindale
    Churubusco Youth Director
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  • Courtney Megonnell
    Communications Coordinator
    260.484.4551 ext. 215
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  • Taylor Monaco
    Director of Communications & Engagement
    260.484.4551 ext. 221
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  • Dana Neuenschwander
    Regional Director - Whitley, Noble, & LaGrange Counties
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  • Georgina Pangani
    Donor Processor & Development Assistant
    260.484.4551 x209
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  • Breanna Shroyer
    Events Manager
    260.484.4551 ext. 211
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  • Nygel Simms
    Regional Director - Urban Ministries
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  • Scott Smiley
    City Life Director for the 46806

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  • Mike Steiner
    Leo HS
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  • Chris Todia
    260.484.4551 x202
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  • Roger Vezeau
    Regional Director - Huntington, Wabash, & Kosciusko Counties
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  • Chase Wagner
    Woodlan HS
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  • Jen Wieland
    HR Coordinator
    260.484.4551 X206
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  • Traever Wieland
    Chief Optimization Officer 
    260.484.4551 x208
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  • Jason Williams
    Wayne HS
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  • Joe Wright
    Juvenile Justice Ministry (JJM) Director
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