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What only God can do

8/2/2017 in Category

I have had a pretty good relationship with “Chris” for the last year and a half. Chris has been attending clubs during the school year, and we’ve had several opportunities to meet and talk... More

New found freedom

8/2/2017 in Category

“God I trust you. I have faith. I believe in you.”  These are words I never get tired of hearing from teens who put their faith and trust in Christ for the first time!  Over the past year,... More

Northeast Ministry Update

8/2/2017 in Category

Over the last few years we have been so blessed to be able to expand our ministry into 9 additional schools. It has been an incredible time of growth and we are now serving more than a... More

Born again in Christ!

8/2/2017 in Category

God’s timing can be tough to wrap our minds around. Sometimes we see Him move quickly with clear results. Other times it’s small nudges over a period of time. This is true of a young man I’ve... More

From death to life!

8/2/2017 in Category

When “Tom” began attending Campus Life last school year, he was detached from the group and was reluctant to participate in games or share during small group. He came to every club and event,... More