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A new relationship with Jesus

1/31/2017 in Category

“Carley” is a freshman at Huntington North High School who attended our November GoMad conference. She said “maybe” to Jesus and wanted to figure out what a relationship with Jesus would look... More

The Golden Corral and cookies for Christmas

1/31/2017 in Category

The holiday season is a great time for most of us, but many of the guys my volunteers and I work with have a difficult time seeing it as a time of peace and hope. Many do not have any type of... More

Hungry for Hope

1/31/2017 in Category

Molested, gang raped, and pimped out within the sex trafficking industry, Tonya was a stone wall when we met. She wanted nothing to do with God and couldn’t understand grace or anything that... More

Indigenous Leader or Fat *****?

1/31/2017 in Category

“I am Indigenous” is the proclamation our student leaders at City Life scream at the top of their lungs, and most importantly, believe with their hearts. Our goal within the Indigenous... More


1/30/2017 in Category

323 is the current number of caring adults who volunteer their time with Youth for Christ of Northern Indiana.

Let me give you a glimpse of what our incredible 323 volunteers do on a regular... More