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Born again in Christ!

8/2/2017 in Category

God’s timing can be tough to wrap our minds around. Sometimes we see Him move quickly with clear results. Other times it’s small nudges over a period of time. This is true of a young man I’ve... More

From death to life!

8/2/2017 in Category

When “Tom” began attending Campus Life last school year, he was detached from the group and was reluctant to participate in games or share during small group. He came to every club and event,... More

Freedom in Christ

8/2/2017 in Category

“When I lived on the east side of Chicago, my family and I were homeless for two months going from house to house, and, some days, we stayed at a park. Many of my family members were murdered... More

One simple word: “Yes!”

8/2/2017 in Category

The stage was set. Danny, our YFC Camp speaker, had just powerfully presented the Gospel to a room full of 330 middle school students and leaders. After he shared, everyone was released and... More

Youth for Christ CEO celebrates 40 years with organization

7/20/2017 in Category

“I’m so fortunate because I get to sit on the front row seat every week and hear miracle stories of lives being changed,” Larry Lance, CEO, says. “Who wouldn’t want that job?”

It’s one of... More