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Vision for the future

1/22/2018 in Category

A little five-year-old girl was standing on the deck of a cruise ship right before it was about to leave port. Everyone was waving goodbye to family and friends, but the little girl was... More

What really matters

1/22/2018 in Category

As I look back over 2017 and think of all the meetings, appointments, programming, trips and all the fast food, it still all boils down to relationships; those are what really matter.... More


1/10/2018 in Category

I am sitting in a counselor's office of a high school as I write this letter. I am here because at the center earlier this week, I saw one of my City Life kids come in high off of marijuana.... More

The difference is eternal

12/5/2017 in Category

“Tristan”, who recently turned 18 and dropped out of high school, is quiet, smart, and interesting. Our Juvenile Justice Director, Joe, first met him at ACJC about three years ago and found... More