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A child of God

5/23/2017 in Category

I was able to take six students from Churubusco this year on our spring break trip. “Lucas” is a sophomore who went with us and has been a part of Campus Life since he started his high school... More

Tips to engage your teen this summer!

5/23/2017 in Category News, Stories

The biggest and most beneficial gift you can give to your teen this summer is to simply spend quality time with them. No electronics, no distractions...just building memories together.

No... More

Training young men to be modern warriors

5/23/2017 in Category Stories

The Barracks is a small group Bible study for young men at Woodlan High School with the goal of training them to be strong warriors in God’s kingdom. They study biblical warriors, but also... More

JJM helping make life a little easier for teen moms

5/22/2017 in Category Stories

A high number of our JJM girls fit into a unique ministry category-- being a teen mom. Being a mom is a hard job. Being a teen mom is even harder, and these girls have hurdles most teen moms... More

Change and Innovation

5/22/2017 in Category News

I have been using these words a lot lately with the board and staff at YFC. We are having conversations that are both exciting and honestly, a little scary. Change is hard; innovation is... More