Four simple words…

Posted on by Youth for Christ

“Do you know Jesus?” That’s the question one of our Campus Life students felt compelled to ask Sara* at a volleyball game this year, and with those four simple words, she changed Sara’s life. At the time, Sara’s group of friends was nothing but trouble. Swearing and detention were a regular part of this seventh grader’s life at Indian Springs Middle School in Columbia City, Indiana. Not only did Sara know almost nothing about Jesus; she was on a path that was leading her far away from the life of peace He offered.

All that changed when Chloe* approached Sara at the volleyball game that day. Through an invitation to Campus Life, Sara, who had never heard even basic Biblical truths, encountered a God she had never really known. Several faith conversations later, both at Campus Life and through mentoring meetings with her Campus Life director, Sara has turned from following friends to following Jesus. Today, Sara is learning to embrace the love of Christ and mature in her relationship with Him. It’s a brand-new journey for Sara—one she’ll never have to make alone—and it all started with four simple words.

*Names have been changed.

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