Healing power of Jesus

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Building times are an essential part of relational ministry with students. A building time is simply defined as a shared experience with a group of students. They can be anything from taking a group of guys to get some wings or meeting up with students to watch the new Star Wars movie. Often during a building time, relationships with students deepen and great conversations begin.

This was the case for Katherine Bradford (Garrett City Life) who had a building time at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis.

“On the way to Indianapolis, a girl sat with me and opened up about her life. She explained she was happy to be going to the museum because she was supposed to go with her dad the year before, but he died. She then explained he had been heavily addicted to drugs and had killed himself. She poured out this terrible story of loss and pain all with a straight face and a steady voice. I, meanwhile, was attempting not to cry while praying for guidance the whole time. She does not yet attend club, but I keep inviting her and hoping she will want to join us eventually. More importantly, I am hoping that through our continued relationship, she will come to know the healing power of Jesus.”

This is why we believe in relational ministry so strongly! It leads to deeper conversations that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Please pray for this girl and the continued conversations she will have with Katherine.

Kristian Jarrett

East Noble Campus Life

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