Let creation rejoice

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The last night of the YFC Spring Break trip will remain one of my favorite moments each year for the rest of my life. Our speaker presents the Gospel, and we dismiss all 200+ students to silently make their way to the beach and sit intentionally, most likely for the first time, with Jesus. We give them a half a hour to sit, to think, to process, to cry, to surrender.

At the end, as music starts to play, we encourage the students to stand and claim their “Yes”, “Yes Again” or “Not Yet” by shouting. It’s in this moment I feel like even nature rejoices - the waves calm, the stars fall and brighten and the breeze stills.

With students shouting their proclamations all around her, “Molly’s” anxiety heightens. She wanted so badly to shout “YES,” but being a quiet and insecure freshmen, she became nervous. She didn’t let this stop her though; as she turned to walk away, she saw our speaker and said, “Myron, I want to say YES to Jesus, but I don’t like being loud.” To this, Myron simply replied, “It’s okay, Molly. Jesus knows your heart, but if you want to whisper it right now so only Jesus and I can hear you, that would be okay too.” So in the meekest voice, as the waves stilled even more, “Molly” whispered "YES," and we and the angels joined creation to rejoice.

Danni Blackburn, Whitko Campus Life Director

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