Love your neighbor

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When I moved to Churubusco two years ago to become the Campus Life Director, my prayer was for God to strategically place me within the Churubusco community. God did just that. I bought my home in the newest addition in Churubusco, which was also in the midst of several students who would later come to Campus Life.

One of those students was my next-door neighbor, “Chad.” Chad was a sophomore when we first met, and he thought I was weird because I was always at the school. He didn’t know anything about Campus Life, or Jesus, for that matter. As our relationship as neighbors grew, I started inviting him to club. One week I had Chad’s friend over to play video games and he invited Chad to come as well. When we went to leave for club that night, I invited Chad, and he said he would go!

Since that night Chad has not missed a club. After several months of Chad coming to club, I took him to the Magic Wand where I asked him if he knew who Jesus was. His response was “kind of,” and after a long conversation with him, Chad accepted Jesus into his heart! Since then Chad and I have been on a journey as he figures out more about Jesus. Chad is now a senior and says Campus Life changed his life.

Mark 12:31- “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Brad Millikan

Churubusco Campus Life Director

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