The Great Exchange

Posted on by Youth for Christ

When Todd* moved to Indiana from Wisconsin seven years ago, he discovered how much he hated God—for the move, for the bullying, for leaving his friends behind. Every Sunday, he looked at the cross on the sanctuary wall and told God that he didn’t believe in being saved; he believed life hurt. As a ninth grader, Todd found a new way to medicate his pain. Alcohol and cigarettes consumed his weekend hours and extended into weekday moments as well. He knew it was wrong, but he just couldn’t stop—that is, until he met his Campus Life director.

As Todd's director shared “the most honest message” Todd had ever heard, those words of truth began to chip away at the anger Todd had held onto for years. Over time, he began to believe he could have a relationship with the very God he used to hate. One night on a Florida trip with Campus Life, Todd traded all the hurt, anger, and pain for the love and forgiveness only Jesus can give. These days, you might find Todd on the cross-country course or leading a Bible study with his friends. But you won’t find him anywhere near the party scene; he’s exchanged that lifestyle for a life of service to Christ instead.

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