Why would a loving God take my father?

Posted on by Youth for Christ

Doug is a student who I thought had a solid faith. YFC Camp, however, gave Doug a safe place to be honest and vulnerable as to the difficult place he actually stood. His biological father had died rather unexpectedly last year, and rocked Doug’s faith. He was left asking questions like, “Why would a loving God take my father? If God truly has control of everything, why did He not step in and heal my dad?”

These questions left Doug in a tough spot. Knowing that he loved Jesus but afraid to trust him because of what happened to his dad. His heart was being torn in half as he listened to the speaker at YFC Camp. The tearing climaxed as we sent the students out for solo time after the gospel presentation. During solo time, students have a chance to sit and pray/hear from God and are given the opportunity to choose Jesus. Doug wrestled with what to do, and ultimately chose not to accept Christ .

However, Doug’s cabin leader, Sean, wasn’t about to leave it as a simple no, and began asking some really good questions.  They talked for hours with Sean simply listening as Doug poured out each of his fears about trusting God. Eventually, Doug came to the point of understanding that he couldn’t let fear rule his life; that God had in fact been there through death and pain. Late that night, through tears, Doug said yes to a life with an alive and loving Father!

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