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Let creation rejoice

4/27/2018 in Category

The last night of the YFC Spring Break trip will remain one of my favorite moments each year for the rest of my life. Our speaker presents the Gospel, and we dismiss all 200+ students to... More

Healing power

4/27/2018 in Category

“You are an amazing kid!”

I didn’t have any friends and didn’t know which direction I was going. I was constantly bullied, ignored, and misunderstood. I was without hope. I didn’t feel like... More

He changes everything

4/27/2018 in Category

It’s expected to come back from spring break in Florida a little more tan with a little extra skip in your step from all of the Vitamin C; but with our annual Youth for Christ spring break... More

God makes beautiful things

4/27/2018 in Category

The carriage compartment of the charter bus was packed as I darted to claim the final seat on Bus #3. After months of preparing, we were finally on our way to Panama City, FL, for spring... More

Changing his ways

4/27/2018 in Category

Over spring break we brought a speaker/artist in to share with kids who are on probation. After the show I took four kids to Pizza Hut. While we were driving there I asked them what they... More