Change and Innovation

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I have been using these words a lot lately with the board and staff at YFC. We are having conversations that are both exciting and honestly, a little scary. Change is hard; innovation is sometimes risky. I have been challenged recently by some great leaders like Bill Hybels and Mark Miller, and below are two quotes from them.

“Hold strategy tightly but tactics loosely. Virtually everything has a season and during that time we must continually evaluate and tweak both programs and processes.” -Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Pastor

“The best leaders are in a constant tinkering stage on how to get to higher levels of effectiveness” -Mark Miller, Chick-fil-A Executive We are working hard at getting better through leadership development, training, and coaching.

We are taking some bold steps in hiring, discussing new ministry strategies, and making sure we are being relevant.

I am asking you to go along for the ride. I am asking you to pray and to give of your finances. I am asking you to volunteer some time. I am asking you to share a word of encouragement with the YFC staff person you know best. We are fighting the good fight and are stepping out by faith into our cities and communities. We need to know you are with us. What will your step of faith be today?

Psalm 78:72 says “And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.”

May we all be better shepherds of others and may we use our God given skills to impact the world for Christ.

Larry Lance, CEO

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