Fear Grows Into Faith

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Joe was a shy, awkward freshman when I met him in the lunchroom. We were neighbors, so we actually ended up seeing a lot of each other. He went to YFC Camp, and through a lot of conversations, I discovered Joe believed in God, but didn’t really think that he needed God. God was a “good guy,” but didn’t really have anything to do with Joe’s everyday life. Joe told me he used to go to church, but got made fun of, so he never went back. At one point, he actually told me he couldn’t come to a Campus Life event because it was hosted at a church. He had one bad experience and didn’t really want to go through that again.

Due to our friendship though, Joe began coming to Campus Life events pretty regularly. We had countless conversations about God, but Joe still couldn’t grasp (or accept) the unconditional love God offers. There seemed to be a sort of emotional wall Joe was unwilling to let down. At club, he began to develop some new relationships with good friends who encouraged him and built him up. One of those friends asked him to join his small group at church and Joe agreed.

So Joe, the kid who refused to even step foot inside a church building, started going to a small group every week and even signed up for church camp that summer. When he got back from camp, he rode his bike over to my house and said, “Chase! I found God!” For Joe, it finally clicked; he finally understood who God was and wanted to know Him more. Joe decided to follow Jesus!

Chase Wagner

Woodlan Campus Life director

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