“I was living for myself”

Posted on by Youth for Christ

"Although I have always believed in God, I have not always had a relationship with Him. For a long time, I lived a very impure life and made no sacrifices in order to please God. I was living for myself and not for Him. Recently, however, major changes have been happening in my relationship with God. A few months ago, I realized how amazing God’s grace is and how much I owe Him. So, I decided I wanted to make a change. This wasn’t easy for me, and I learned that accepting Christ as my Savior involved more than just saying those words. The first step I took to become closer to God was getting involved in things that would not only teach me about God, but bring me closer to people who could help me in my journey. This year, I went to Campus Life for the first time. This wasn’t something I would normally attend, but I’m so thankful I did. I look forward to it every week, and it’s truly amazing what learning about God’s Word has done for my life."

-Sierra, junior

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