“It’s awesome to see the walls come down”

Posted on by Youth for Christ

"Volunteering with Campus Life this year has been so impactful in my life as well as the students I get to share with. I was able to go on the Spring Break 2015 trip with Campus Life and built close relationships with the girls that went. We continued to stay in contact throughout the summer and now having them go to club every Monday has given us the opportunity to continue our relationship and share with one another. The girls have really opened up about their struggles, and I have had the opportunity to pray with them and encourage them. Being present every Monday night has created an open, trusting space for them to share their stories and current life struggles without judgement. Also, I was the assistant girls’ track coach last spring and got close to a couple of my runners who have started coming to Campus Life this year. One of them shared her story at GO MAD (Go Make a Difference conference) and it was amazing to see her step out in faith! Another one of the girls was finally able to share with me what's really going on at home, and now she automatically will give me updates and share with me without hesitation. It's awesome to see the walls come down and have these girls truly share their hearts!"

-Hannah, YFC volunteer

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