Life change at YFC Camp!

Posted on by Youth for Christ

Lex is going into 6th grade and is in that awkward stage of preadolescents. He is super intelligent and can easily hold a conversation with the adults around him, but still likes to play with toys and do childish things. These characteristics made Lex a favorite among the staff at YFC Camp.

Coming into camp Lex knew little about God and basically had no faith background, so it was a privilege for his adult leader, Sean, to be able to invest into Lex. Sean quickly found out that fear was a part of Lex’s story and played itself out during each activity they participated in. From the climbing wall, to tubing, horseback riding, and the high ropes course, Lex entered each activity fearful and hesitant, but once completed, came away full of joy and with a confidence that wasn’t there before.

As the week went on, Sean listened to Lex’s story and asked him great questions, making Lex pause and really consider what he believed (if anything). Lex decided he would become a “belief detective” and began asking YFC leaders (including the camp speaker) what and why they believed what they believed. Armed with his pen and paper he jotted down notes to the questions he was asking and wrestled with what faith in God really looked like.
By the fourth night of camp, when the Gospel was shared, Lex knew that he wanted to believe and put his faith in Jesus!

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