Love God. Love others.

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When Campus Life started at East Noble almost 3 years ago, Alex was one of the first people to get involved. He came to club on Monday nights and before long he wanted more. A deeper step that we have with Campus Life is called Core Team. It’s focus is to equip students to reach out to their lost friends. This was exactly what Alex had been looking for.

Alex loves God and he loves his friends, but he had never entirely pieced together how he could bring his friends to know God. As Alex was discipled through Core Teams, I began to see a change. Alex went from a posture of telling people to go church, to a posture of loving his friends really well. In this shift, Alex began to do some incredible kingdom work.

Now Alex has a following of friends that go with him to church every Sunday. What’s even better is that he has a deep relationship with many of them and he is discipling them! He holds them accountable and goes out of his way to show them love. If you were to take a survey of those attending any Campus Life event, at least half would tell you they were there because Alex asked them.

Through sharing life with someone and then introducing them to God’s story, you make real connections. Our goal is to make lifelong followers of Jesus through these connections. Thanks to students like Alex, this tradition carries on the next generation.

Kristian Jarrett

East Noble Campus Life director

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