Tacos and Jesus

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Looking across the gym I saw a young man sitting alone playing on his computer while everyone else was actively engaged in the homecoming games taking place. After sitting down next to him, I asked him why he was not up playing with the others; he said, “I don’t have any friends, and the one friend I did have just moved last week.”  

Instantly my heart sank for this young man. Knowing he would soon be off to his next class I asked him what his favorite restaurant in town was and if I could take him after school some time. He looked at me in shock and asked if I was serious. I quickly said, “Yeah, of course!”   

One week later we were headed to Mi Pueblo to get some tacos after school. I honestly believe it was the first time in his life anyone genuinely asked him how he was doing and took time to simply listen. It was like the floodgates opened up when he started sharing about his life. Depression, bitterness, frustration, and broken relationships have littered both his past and his perspective of the world he sees in front of him.  

After asking him a series of questions about where he gets hope in all of this brokenness, I got the opportunity to share Jesus with him. The look in his eyes as I shared the Gospel proved God is pulling this young man towards Himself. No, he didn’t put his trust in Christ, but it won’t be the last time we share tacos and Jesus together. Pray for open ears and a soft heart in this young man as we continue to meet in the future.

Aaron French

Wabash Ministry Coordinator

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