The little stuff matters

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“Ryan” is a 6th grader from Crestview. He is usually an energetic and fun-loving kid. However, lately he has seemed withdrawn and down. During an appointment, Ryan explained he had been experiencing bullying for several weeks. The bullies were making fun of him for being short and for being in a low-ability reading class. He went on to say, “The bullying has made me so sad, I feel it in my body.” This is a 6th grader, an 11-year-old, who has been put down so much that he is experiencing signs of depression! What Ryan said next shows the importance of why we at YFC and Huntington Campus Life do ministry.

Ryan said that he talked to his parents about the bullying, but felt like they couldn't help. He explained he was too scared to talk to the school counselor about how he was feeling because he had no relationship with her. He said, “The reason I feel okay talking to someone from Campus Life about what’s going on is because of how much they have shown up in my life. They care about little things, like showing up to my swim meet, so I knew they’d care about big stuff like this.”

Ryan has had some awesome conversations with YFC leaders about how much God loves him exactly the way he is. It is going to take a lot to undo the negative comments Ryan has endured from bullying. However, being present in his life, even in the “little stuff” like swim meets, enables us to step into that place with him and point him to what Christ says about him.

-Roger Vezeau, Ministry Director

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