They don’t always say “yes” to Jesus and that’s okay

Posted on by Youth for Christ

When a teenager texts you and says he wants to give his life to Jesus the day before Thanksgiving, you drop everything and respond. That’s exactly what Mike (one of our YFC staff) did with a student, Steve.

Driving to meet Steve, Mike thought about all the discussions they had had about life’s hurts and struggles over the years. Steve’s dad died of a drug overdose when he was six years old and that pain led to a variety of poor choices during his adolescence. Drug use of his own, dropping out of high school, and a stint in Allen County Juvenile Correctional facility left him feeling without hope. It had been a long journey with Steve since Mike met him in middle school, so Mike was excited about the text and what this could mean for his life!

However, like life, things didn’t go as planned. When they began talking, Steve confessed that he was high when he sent the text and wasn’t even sure why he sent it. Mike, though slightly disappointed, continued the conversation by asking some great questions and listening. Steve opened up about his sexuality and wondered what the Bible said about him being bi-sexual. Instead of quickly answering Steve’s question, Mike lovingly asked more questions, causing Steve to wrestle with things he had never thought about before. After three hours of conversation, Steve wanted to know more about the Bible but admitted he actually didn’t have one.

Coming out of Barnes & Noble with Steve (and his new Bible), later that evening, Mike thanked God for the chance to walk with Steve in this journey we call life.

Every day, our Youth for Christ staff and volunteers, are interacting with thousands of “Steve’s” across Northern Indiana. They are going into the teenage world and lovingly sharing their lives and the Gospel with young people. If you would like to know how you can help reach teenagers today visit

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