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Hi. My name is Amber and I want to share with you my real life story. Please, take a seat and ask yourself how Jesus might fit into your story.

I had never been able to feel God. I knew the truth was that He was with me, but I couldn’t hear Him. I remember vividly begging God to reveal Himself to me. I was crying out to Him in my bedroom one night and it was just silence.

Exactly one month later, I attended a Campus Life trip. I stood in a crowded room of people and He answered my prayer. I overheard a conversation that my Campus Life director was having with someone else. I focused in and listened to every word. She was explaining the Holy Spirit. This sounded like everything I was begging God for. God’s spirit wanted to dwell inside of me? I thought, "This is it!" I decided to be brave and talk to her. She told me that Jesus wants to give me a gift, the Holy Spirit, and that He wants me to live my life with Him in a personal relationship. She explained that I would have to die to myself, turn away from my old ways, and allow Jesus to be the ruler and King over my life. I was no longer going to be the judge and authority; it was going to be God.

I couldn’t help but think that Jesus had sent her as a vessel to answer my prayer face-to-face knowing that this is indeed exactly the answer for which I was searching. Knowing that Jesus wanted me to find him as much as I'd been desperately searching for Him still gives me goose bumps. I felt overwhelmingly called to pray immediately. At that moment, a veil was lifted.

Praise God that Jesus pursued me. I have new life and freedom in Him. I am no longer chained to my sin. I am set free. I don’t have to beg Him to hear me anymore; I have a close, deep and intimate relationship with Him.

I am Amber, a child of the most high King. I promise you, He is the answer for you today and every day.

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