Tips to engage your teen this summer!

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The biggest and most beneficial gift you can give to your teen this summer is to simply spend quality time with them. No electronics, no distractions...just building memories together.

No matter what you do, big or small, your presence is what matters! Go for a bike ride, go to a nearby state park and hike, have an impromptu water balloon fight, go get ice cream, dress up and do a tour of the local fast food joints (appetizer at one, meal at another, and finish with a new restaurant for dessert), or simply find out what your teen’s passion is and join them in that activity.

In these moments, be aware of when the door (or even window) is opened for meaningful conversation. Ask questions. Listen well. Get to know your teen on a deeper level. Who are their true friends? What brings them the most joy? What are they fearful of? This can be a tremendous building block for the future trajectory of your relationship! Take the time, take a chance, and dive deep with your teen!

-Dana Neuenschwander, Indian Springs director

Parents, we know summer can be an interesting time for your teen. Some teens are extremely busy with a job, summer camp, and family vacations, while other teens take the summer to sleep in ‘til noon and play videogames until the wee hours of the night. Wherever your teenager may be, here are a few suggestions from our staff on how to make the most of your summer with them.

I think there are two reasons teenagers attend Campus Life events in the summer.  First, it is simply something to do; secondly, it's something they've never done before. Take a day off during the week and go do something with your teen. Don't try to squeeze it in on the weekend. Many of them are home all day every day; break up the monotony of the week. Go do something you've never done before. Take a day to go to a water park. Go canoeing. Take a day trip up to Chicago and get a pizza. You'll get some time to talk in transit and have fun and build memories while you're there.

-Chase Wagner, Woodlan director

Creating memories with your students doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor. Sometimes the simple things create the most lasting memories. Go fishing, camp in your backyard, take a road trip to the dunes, have a cookout, find a drive-in, or just play catch! The key to a successful summer with your teen is going to be intentionality. Make spending quality time a priority!

-Kristian Jarrett, East Noble director

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