Toe in the water

Posted on by Youth for Christ

“I’m a person just dipping my toe in the waters. I’m willing to give Jesus a chance. I’m nervous and scared, but am willing to try. I’ve never had a relationship with Jesus or really knew anything about Him, but I want to just dip my toes in and see what it’s like.” These are Carmen’s written words in response to the Gospel presentation at Youth for Christ’s annual GoMAD (Make A Difference) conference.

As “Carmen” and I sat down to follow-up, she let me into her darkness. To her, love has never meant something good. It’s been the multiple times that CPS (Child Protective Services) has had to visit her home. It’s caused her to lock herself and her siblings away from her mother’s newest abusive boyfriend. She has also been molested and asked for inappropriate pictures in the name of love. So to hear God loves her unconditionally is a tough concept that she was not entirely sure she could trust. It sounded too good to be true. We’ve talked a lot about the character of God, and over time, Carmen chose a relationship with Christ! There’s still a lot of questions and we are working to get her plugged into the local church community, but I beam with pride when I think about the amount of courage and bravery God filled Carmen with that night to say she wanted to dip her toes in His love.

Danni Blackburn, Whitko Campus Life Director

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