Training young men to be modern warriors

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The Barracks is a small group Bible study for young men at Woodlan High School with the goal of training them to be strong warriors in God’s kingdom. They study biblical warriors, but also listen to the stories of  ‘modern warriors.’ These modern warriors are adult men from the community who share about their journey to Christ and the battles they have had to fight along the way. The Barracks started with 3 guys who wanted to grow deeper in their faith and has now grown to over 20 guys coming every Thursday night. Two guys in particular stand out.

First there is “Braden.” Before coming to the Barracks, Braden admitted he struggled with depression, thoughts of suicide, and considered himself an atheist; but, he was searching for something, and The Barracks was a safe place to start. He started going to church with a friend from the group and eventually gave his life to Christ. He has so much enthusiasm about his new faith, he was ready to “cut a hole in the ice and get baptized” in the pond.     

The second is “Tom.” Tom’s parents had divorced when he was young and the only time he spent with his dad was working on cars. It was not a close relationship. He also began coming to the Barracks and asking questions. He knew that the party lifestyle wasn’t working and he needed something else. As he learned about God the Father, he wanted that relationship, and he too gave his life to Christ!

Chase Wagner

Woodlan Campus Life director

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