Under a bridge

Posted on by Youth for Christ

"Jessie" is one of those rare good kids who’s been in and out of ACJC many times because of an unstable home and mental issues. He's never done anything terrible, but little things over the years have swallowed up his teens years.

Over the summer Jessie turned 18 and was living under a bridge near downtown. We met regularly as I was trying to help him find a place to stay and some stability. I often told him he needed to get plugged into a church because he needs a community of support around him. About a month ago he finally agreed and we stopped at Avalon Missionary Church to see Pastor K Paul. He was there, and he gave Jessie and I a warm welcome. Jessie is now attending Avalon and is finding the support he's been lacking. Many other kids in the area need the church to come around them as Avalon is coming around Jessie.

If you are interested in helping with our Juvenile Justice Ministry please contact me at jwright@yfcnin.org.

Joe Wright

Juvenile Justice director

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