What is your BOLD prayer?

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Over Christmas break I had the opportunity to take five teens on a mission trip to Gatlinburg TN, to help with the cleanup efforts from the forest fires which swept through the area in late November. Long before the trip arrived, I was convicted to pray boldly for the trip. One of my prayers was, “God, change the entire course of our lives through this experience.” In my limited mind, I thought God would lead us to see something like the small value of our earthly possessions and how quickly they can be taken away by disasters, which he did, but he didn’t stop there.

Every evening when we got back from the day of sifting through ashes of the homes destroyed, the entire group we were with would share how they saw God work that day. We went through the organization, Samaritan’s Purse, so we were staying together with 70 people at a local church. One of the young girls, Lena, was highly impacted by the time of sharing. She was amazed at how open and honest people were with their faith and how God was changing their lives through this experience. It was on the second night when I found the answer to my “bold” prayer.

After the time of sharing that night, Lena talked with one of the chaplains for spiritual support. During that conversation she ended up giving her life to Christ! When I found out I exploded with excitement! God clearly did change the entire course of our lives that week in so many ways. For Lena, the course of her life was eternally changed! God once again reminded me of the power of bold prayer. What is your bold prayer?

Aaron French, Wabash H.S. Campus Life Director

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