Who Influences You?

Posted on by Youth for Christ

"Who and what do you let influence you?”

It’s a question we asked at a Campus Life meeting this fall. After our meeting, Greg (not his real name) approached me with some questions. I had met Greg at school earlier in the year, and he had become a familiar face at Campus Life. What I didn’t know was the amount of strife he was experiencing at home.

Greg knew this wasn’t the right way to live, but he had never considered that God might have a standard for what is right and wrong for our lives. As we started spending more time together, Greg continued to get more connected with positive spiritual influences.

He participated in our GoMAD youth conference and is now connected to a church, a youth pastor, and a regular youth group. 

Here at Campus Life, we meet youth where they are, because we believe that all youth need the opportunity to hear, know, and accept the life-saving message of Jesus Christ. Once we make regular contact, we can explore whether or not they are open to letting God become a greater part of their lives. Please pray for Greg and others just like him, that they will let God become a greater part of their personal lives.

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