Family Activities During Coronavirus — 1

Posted on by Loren Hayes

Family Activities During Coronavirus — 1

Looking for things to do with your family while we’re all staying home? Look no further than these fun ideas from our YFC team!

Paper Airplane Contests

Items Needed: paper for each person; other items are optional  

  • Each person creates a paper airplane. Everyone stands behind a designated line and sees who can throw theirs the farthest. 
  • Put a bowl or bucket aways from the starting line and see who the first person is to get their plane into it.
  • If you have a cardboard box, cut one side off and cut various holes in it with points designated to each one. Players take turns trying to rack up points by throwing their planes in the holes.


Bocce Ball

Items Needed: the same number of marbles/balls (same size) as players, another marble/ball or an item (cup, toy, stuffed animal) to use as the target

  • Place the target item somewhere in a room where it can be seen by all. Each person takes turns rolling their marble/ball from a designated line and tries to get it as close to the target as possible.
  • Points are awarded as follows: two points for the person closest and one point for the next closest person. The person who was closest gets to move the target to a different location and rolls their ball first. Play continues until a person reaches 21 points. (You are allowed to roll your marble/ball into another one to move it away from the target!)


Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Items Needed: the alphabet written on a piece of paper, pen/pencil

  • Write down the alphabet on a piece of paper. Randomly call out a letter of the alphabet and mark it off on the sheet. Everyone rushes to find something that begins with that letter. First person back to the start with the correct item gets a point.
  • Play will continue until all letters have been called. Person with the most points wins.
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