Hearts are Changing

June 6, 2019


We recently took 30 of our City Life kids down to Panama City, Florida, for spring break, along with over 200 more from other YFC sites. I was skeptical as to why YFC took kids on “vacation” and how valuable it would actually be. Now, I fully understand the relational ministry opportunities that trips and events provide. Having the chance to take our kids out of their daily environment allowed for the Gospel to be preached to every one of our kids. I could share a story for every kid, but I will share this one powerful testimony:

We have a young man who is a junior at South Side High School, who like many of our kids, has had lots of traumatic experiences for only being 17 years old. Before break, he shared he believed he’d be either in prison or dead in the next 5-10 years; another young African American male without hope of a brighter future. He struggles with behaviors in school, so the administrators couldn’t believe I was asking to take him with us, but I believe God called him to be on the trip. While on this trip, he showed a side of himself we had never seen before. He showed leadership and took responsibility in his house full of friends and peers, cleaning and holding others accountable for their actions. I was so blessed as we had a Bible study daily with the kids unpacking the book of Job. For the first time, he expressed his response to hearing the Word of God and how he could relate to the story of Job in the Bible. He also shared he’d be in the streets without City Life and thanked us for bringing him to Florida. Recently, he said he now wants to join the military after high school, so we’re connecting him to a local recruiter. I am believing he will come to know God like never before.

– Reggie Blackmon, City Life Director 46807