The Power of Relationship

June 17, 2019


“Adam” is kind of a loner. He is a nice kid, into magic card tricks, but is kind of shy.  About 18 months ago he had a burning passion to share his love for Jesus to all of his friends, but somewhere along the way things changed drastically. He had gone back to worshiping Satan. He is dragged to church every week but does not want to be there or believe what he is hearing. His parents love him, pray for him daily, and they know that Alex needs Jesus to intervene. Adam’s mom approached me asking about our spring break trip to Florida. She said, “This is the first time in a long time he has shown any interest in anything religious like this.” We were able to do some fundraising and help Adam go on the trip.

Adam had a great time and got to meet some new friends. He was very reluctant at first, but he did eventually open up to the group sharing that he worships Satan. He and I had numerous conversations about the differences between his religion and what Jesus taught.

Adam did not decide to give his life to Christ on the trip. However, Adam did say he is considering it, but just feels trapped. As a site director, I get to continually speak into Adam’s life. Ryan, a volunteer ministry leader from New Haven Campus Life, also has the opportunity to do the same. Ryan attends church with Adam and also prays with and for him. One of the coolest parts about a Campus Life trip is that the relationships and the ministry that happen does not just stay on the beach; it can expand outside the realm of a student’s own school.