What You Want Me to Do

June 17, 2019


Jesus is winning!  Here is what one teen wrote after experiencing God while he was on our spring break Florida trip.

“Jesus, you are turning me into a full Christian. You are helping me and everyone else on this trip become what you created us for. Everything that has happened to me this week was all of what you had planned for me. Jesus, you are pouring love into my heart for everybody in Florida, at home, everybody in America, and even everybody in the world. No matter what someone does to me, if they apologize, I have to forgive them because that’s what you want me to do. I am fighting to become a full Christian. I am fighting against what Satan has planned for me because his plans are nowhere near what you have for me Jesus. I love you Jesus and I hope you help heal everyone here.”

This young man has gone on to share his testimony and how God is changing him at our local FCA in Wabash as well as the Campus Life gathering at Wabash High School. God is changing him, and he is using his story to impact the people around him. This is the power of the Gospel!  It is unstoppable, and God is raising up the next generation of young leaders.

– Aaron French, Wabash Ministry Coordinator