Have you Ever?

September 9, 2019


Have you ever had a teen come to you with shoes so worn their dirty socks can be seen through holes in them? Have you ever had a teen tell you shamefully there is no food in their house? Have you ever looked into a mother’s tear-filled eyes as she worries the worst has happened to her child who ran away? Have you ever been asked by a teen for toilet paper because their house has been out for days? Have you ever had a young man confess a crime to you and you convince him to turn himself in and then you had to drive him to jail, hug him, and as the officers arrest him tell him everything is going to be okay? Have you ever had a young lady come to you asking for feminine products for home? Have you ever had to visit a teen in the hospital after being shot? Have you ever had to accompany a teen without adults in their life to a parent-teacher conference? Have you ever had to lead a candlelight service for a teen who was murdered? Have you ever had a teen tell you their family is staying at a motel after being evicted from their home, but they have no money to pay for the motel? Have you ever had a teen tearfully share with you they have been physically abused by their step dad? Have you ever had a teen tell you their mom kicked them out of the house, and now they have nowhere to go? Have you ever had to comfort a teen who’s being verbally abused by their parents? Have you ever had to journey with a teen who lost their mother in a house fire?

I’ve personally experienced all of the above. Our team at City Life experience these heartbreaking situations all the time working in urban ministry.

This is why City Life is a holistic ministry. This is why Jesus has chosen us to serve these young people for such a time as this.

And above all, we put our hope in Jesus know all things work together for our good.

Have you ever seen the smile on a teen’s face after receiving a new pair of shoes? Have you ever seen the tears of joy flow down a mom’s face when you take her to the grocery store and tell her to fill the cart? Have you ever seen a mom embrace her son after finding him broken in tears in their backyard at two in the morning? Have you ever seen a teen’s face light up as you walk into their hospital room for a visit? Have you ever seen a teen thrilled when you remembered their birthday and got them a gift? Have you ever cheered on a teen in the stands as they played their heart out? Have you ever sat in the audience for a teen who got to be the keynote speaker for a conference? Have you ever prayed over a teen? Have you ever led one to Jesus? Have you ever gotten to baptize a teen?

I have been blessed to witness and celebrate God’s love, grace, and mercy in the above ways, as all of our team has in some form!

We are fighting hard to decrease the heartbreaking situations and increase the celebrations. We are making every effort to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus. We are being light in a dark world. We are offering hope in a hopeless world. We are doing whatever it takes to reach young people with the life-changing message of Jesus!

Will you join us? Will you fight alongside us? Will you step into a messy world and offer hope?

If so, contact us at citylife@yfcnin.org to learn how you can begin making a difference!


Nygel Simms

YFC Region Director – Urban Ministries