Death to Life

October 1, 2019


Izzy wasn’t on my radar to invite to YFC Camp: She isn’t one for lots of people and high activity, nor the outdoors. But a student who had fallen in love with Jesus earlier this year, invited her and, surprisingly, Izzy signed up. A week before camp, I found out that Izzy would need to leave camp early for a softball tournament back home, a tournament conveniently scheduled for the day the Gospel is presented.

Once at YFC Camp, Izzy was completely different than I had imagined. The night before she needed to leave I had even heard her saying she didn’t want to leave for the tournament and miss what the speaker had to say and the discussion with her cabin afterwards. I was shocked. After talking it over with her coach and mom, Izzy was going to stay and hear the Gospel.

After the Gospel, Izzy said “not yet” which, surprisingly, left us excited! This girl had heard the gospel presented a dozen times before and was always a hard “NO.” Now, she was saying “NOT YET!” She was opening herself up to the possibility of having a relationship with Jesus in the future and was even the first one to ask for a Bible so she could keep learning more about Him! During worship the next day, through tears, Izzy turned to two of my leaders next to her and said, “I’ve never felt so much love before. I can’t not have Jesus in my life any longer!” The leaders prayed over Izzy, and her hard “no,” that had grown to a “not yet” the night before, exploded into a “YES JESUS!”

I met with Izzy last week. She has read nearly half of the Bible, has been journaling several times a week and is trying to make a plan to not get expelled and not party like last year. She isn’t sure how to say “no” to those things, but wants Jesus to be the most important part of her life!

Danni Blackburn

Huntingotn MS Campus Life Director