Lives are Transforming

October 1, 2019



Typically, hearing my phone ‘ding’ late on a Saturday night would inflict panic. Lately, however, it has become one of my favorite occurrences. This past summer, more and more, I have grown used to hearing the high-pitched ‘ding’ of my phone late on a Saturday to then see one of my all-time favorite messages asking “Hey! U going to church in the morning? Can I come with?”

I have been volunteering with Youth for Christ for several years now, and the overarching theme God keeps reminding me of is: lean in. As older, more seasoned individuals we often think there is no way a high school student is
going to want to dive into a spiritual conversation, talk about a story from the Bible, schedule time to chat about faith or even attend worship on Sunday. Especially not with me.

The reality is, not only are they waiting for the invitation from a caring adult to do all of those things, God is waiting to reveal a deeper part of Himself to us all by taking that leap of faith. The conversations from several City Life ladies this past summer did just that—God revealed Himself throughout different experiences. Everything from YFC Camp, graduation parties, coffee chats and even Sunday mornings riding in the car on our way to church. I would listen as they shared their hopes and conflict within their families while reflecting upon the transformation God has blessed in this past year. I mean TRANSFORMATION! Everything from their outlook on the future, relationships, temper, demeanor, ability to forgive, the way they communicate with others, being truly present and striving to better understand their relationship with God.

It is incredible to have a front row seat to the movement God is multiplying throughout the south side of Fort Wayne. There is not enough text-space to articulate the everyday miracles that are occurring amongst the overly publicized devastation. I am fired up for this school year and look forward to the many ways God will continue to equip and draw people to speaking life into the next generation—the best is yet to come!

Kari Wegmann

City Life Ministry Leader