Loved No Matter What

October 1, 2019


Brittney recently lost her Mom to cancer. She struggles knowing what family really looks like and wrestles on and off with her relationship with God. Her friends are all in the party crowd, and she has been right there with them. She is normally unable to attend YFC Camp due to finances, but because of our Buy-A-Box Fundraiser this spring Brittney received a full scholarship and was able to go! At camp, Brittney said YES to Jesus! Once back from camp, this is what she posted online:

“Walking into the campgrounds at YFC Camp, I did not believe that my faith could be strengthened or fixed, but as the week went on, God talked to me through these amazing people and through songs and each little thing! God showed me that I am loved no matter what I do or what happens to me and that I’m perfect the way I am because He created me this way. I’ve been on mission trips and have been to a National Youth Gathering, but this camp has topped all of my experiences! Camp showed me I needed to change up what I do and how I act. My relationship with God has changed so much the past two weeks and I’ve been so happy, and I haven’t been this happy in a long time. I’m glad I got to experience this, and I’m grateful for the people that sent me to YFC Camp!”

Brittney didn’t just say YES to God at YFC Camp; she has been on fire for Jesus since being home. She dove head first into reading her Bible, journaling and asking questions to better understand God. Brittney is on her way to being a lifelong follower of Jesus!

Liz Irick

Huntington Ministry Coordinator