Trusting His Timing

October 1, 2019


This summer was a great time to get to know new students but also invest in some of those students already plugged in with Campus Life. One of those students that God continued to place on my heart and in my path was a young man I met and got to know the last semester of his senior year. He came to Campus Life because he was invited by a friend and quickly got involved and continued coming back.

During that short time of him getting involved, getting to know other students and ministry leaders, God did some incredible work on his heart. He’s a great guy and all around “good kid,” but he had been really turned off to
Christianity due to bad experiences with people who claimed to be Christians in his life and who hurt him. He was content with just being the “good guy” and proving to others that he could accomplish whatever he wanted through hard work.

It was at Campus Life Club that God broke through to his heart, and he realized that no matter how hard of a worker he was, what he really needed was to ask for forgiveness and follow Jesus again! This was just the beginning for this student though, as I got the privilege of following up and walking in relationship with him all summer long. We had countless meetings throughout the summer, and I can tell you this guy is a new person! He now wants to pursue Jesus by going to a Christian college, plugging in with a mentor, continue to pursue his peers, and even come back and help with Campus Life in the future. So cool to see God’s timing and a blessing to share stories like this that are happening!

JR Gray

Warsaw Campus Life Director