“Will you Mentor Me?”

October 1, 2019


At YFC, we love celebrating when a student makes a decision to follow Jesus for the first time. We are all about creating lifelong followers of Jesus, and seeing a student take the first step on that journey is so exciting! But the decision to follow Jesus is not a one-time deal. Following Him means making that decision to follow Him every single day. As students begin this journey, we want to come alongside them and love them, encourage them, challenge them, and connect them with the church.

A few years ago, Derek began coming to Campus Life. Through connections he made there, he began attending a church and eventually accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Fast forward a few years, and Derek is now in a place with his faith where he wants to grow and connect his friends to Jesus. He knew in order to grow, he needed to be challenged. Derek approached his Campus Life director with a question, “Will you mentor me?” Emphatically, his Campus Life director said yes, and they began to journey together. Derek was challenged to begin engaging his friends in authentic, Christ-sharing relationships. He began not only loving his friends, but inviting them to Campus Life events and to church. Derek is now living out his faith and introducing his friends to Jesus!

Derek is a great example of why we intentionally engage students in follow up. Our relationships with students don’t end when they say yes; they continue long after. Creating lifelong followers of Jesus is about connecting students to the body of Christ and empowering them to lead others to Him!

Kristian Jarrett

Regional Director