Near the Broken

March 25, 2020


“I don’t know if I believe that. If God really was with us, then He wouldn’t have let this happen.” This is a thought I think a lot of us can have run through our minds — especially when going through a time of tragedy or hurt. Yet, I’m not sure I ever would have been brave enough to say it out loud.

We were having a conversation in a small group setting about how God is near the brokenhearted. Ron spoke up and shared what he truly was feeling even though it was going against what was already being said. This one raw question opened up hours worth of conversation about why God allows what He does and provided more students with the opportunity to chime in on how they also often question where God is in the midst of pain. Ultimately this conversation ended with looking at the life of Peter and what it truly means to repent and follow Jesus.

What I love about this story is not only that Ron felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable with how he was really feeling, but  the Spirit was guiding this conversation right back into the space where Ron needed to be — a space where God keeps reminding Ron, ‘I am here for you, you can trust me, and I want you to follow me.’ Ron has been struggling to make the choice to fully dive in to following after Him, but I am watching him count the costs! And I know as soon as he makes the decision to put his trust in Him, that he will be all in for Jesus!

*Names in this story have been changed to respect the privacy of those we serve.


Jared Delagrange, East Noble HS Campus Life Director