On the Journey

March 25, 2020


Austin is a senior at Warsaw and a pretty good kid who’s involved in many different things. He participates in lots of clubs, is connected with his church, and is pretty active in the community. He is also applying for the Eli Lilly Scholarship. Austin has always been a guy who has worked hard and pushed himself to achieve his goals. Everything in his life has been him trying really hard to succeed. One day as we were talking about this,  I asked him how that “push himself” mentality has affected his relationship with the Lord.

This is where Austin really opened up and confessed something I had been wondering for a long time. He stated he has never really come to the point of completely trusting God or following Him. He says he has tried really hard at different times in his life to follow Him, but he’s never given complete control over to God. He also shared  really honestly that he never feels he has to make the decision right now. He always gets distracted and decides he will just have fun now and come back to God later.

Austin has still not said “yes” to Jesus. He is still on this journey, but I am super pumped he was comfortable enough to tell me that! He is still faithfully coming to Club and we continue to have great talks about what living a life of following Christ looks like and Austin has really been diving into that lately!

*Names in this story have been changed to respect the privacy of those we serve.


JR Gray, Warsaw Community