One Kid Without Hope

March 25, 2020


In my role, I get to experience all kinds of crazy cool stuff. I get to see collaborations between organizations. I get to see miracles happen when funding comes in that wasn’t expected. I get to work on building projects. I get to see ministry expansion. I get to see the data showing we are impacting thousands of young people across this region, and more.

As much as I like seeing these big things, that isn’t what drives me. That isn’t what drives us. What drives us is one kid. One kid with no hope coming to find hope. One kid with no one speaking life into her who now has a community casting a different vision over her life. One kid who believed drug use, bullying, or suicide were the only paths forward finding out there is another way. One kid. One kid performing better in school. One kid getting a job. One kid going to college. One kid finding Jesus. One kid building dreams for the future. One kid.

You see, we know this one kid has the chance to impact her environment and even change a family line. If we go all in, keeping that one kid at the center of the target, and do that over and over and over again, we will see communities transformed.

There is one kid right now who needs us to show up. He needs us to slow down enough to see him, see his hurt, and see his potential. Will we do it?

Will you do it?

If you want to be a part of changing this one kid’s life, find out opportunities to invest in a kid at We get to all be in this together. Are you in?


Chris Todia, YFCNIN CEO