Seeking Forgiveness

March 25, 2020


Victoria is a student that most YFC Campus Life leaders were intimated by for the first year. Her name was often associated with the latest drama and most of our appointments with Victoria’s peers were spent counseling them on how to heal the heartache that Victoria had caused. Last year, Victoria rarely missed Campus Life but her walls were so firmly built that nobody could get in. This year, something changed. Victoria had a bit of a heart shift and allowed one of our leaders to intentionally disciple her. They’ve been meeting every Thursday this year, sometimes one-on-one, sometimes in a small group talking about relationships, and now, in a small group focused on dealing with conflict in a healthy way.

All of this discipleship has truly led to heart change for Victoria. She has learned God isn’t just a judge who hates sin, but a God who wants to be with us as we choose to follow Him. Recently, Victoria even made a list of people that she knows she hurt over the last year and has been on a journey to apologize and seek forgiveness in each of these broken relationships. She isn’t searching for restored friendship but has come to realize her part in the drama and hurt of her former friends and wants to own it. I wouldn’t be as brave as Victoria has been in this process as a grown adult, let alone when I was in middle school, but that’s what God does. He equips us to do bold and terrifying things.

*Names in this story have been changed to respect the privacy of those we serve.


Danni Blackburn, Huntington MS Campus Life Director