The Ripple Effect

March 25, 2020


Mary is a student at Huntington North who hasn’t been very involved in our regular Campus Life Club meetings, but through our YFC GoMad trip every fall, she’s gotten very connected with our intern, Brooke. Mary thought she knew about Jesus because she’s heard about Him her whole life, but, after GoMad in the fall, she felt the pull to sit down with her YFC leader, Brooke, to learn more. When Brooke started asking her questions, she realized Mary didn’t actually know much about Jesus and the Gospel story. So, right then and there, Brooke presented the Gospel to Mary, and she truly said yes to Jesus for the first time.

Since that meeting, Mary has been meeting with Brooke consistently, and Brooke has been teaching her so much about Jesus, relationships, Christianity, and the Bible. Mary is forever changed and has a passion for Jesus because of Brooke stepping into her life, investing in her, meeting with her consistently, and not being afraid to share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus when the spirit prompted her. Mary still has a lot of growing to do, but she and Brooke continue to meet regularly. Brooke is actively discipling this student, encouraging her to go to church, and guiding her in how to study scripture on a regular basis. When I asked Brooke about Mary, she can’t stop talking about how much she has grown and how much Christ is working in her heart when they meet. Now, Mary’s change is affecting other people, and her friends are asking Brooke what Jesus is all about. It is so amazing to see this ripple effect and how Jesus used  Brooke’s faithfulness to lead Mary to transformation!

*Names in this story have been changed to respect the privacy of those we serve.


Liz Irick, Huntington North HS Campus Life Director