Smart Social Media Use

April 3, 2020



Smart Social Media Use

Smart Social Media Use & Healthy Community

The new temporary norm of social distancing has forced us into a world filled with more digital and virtual content and connections than we may have ever experienced.

The unlimited access to the digital world we are living in allows us to stay connected in community with people, but it also has the capability of pushing us to our limits with an overload of content (potentially very negative). It is important, especially in this season of waiting to be aware of not only the content that we are taking in, but balancing the amount of content, connection, and conversation as we continue striving for healthy community.

Healthy community requires content awareness: Does what we’re looking at inspire us, or is it causing us to compare ourselves to others? Does it push us to move and be active, or do we continue scrolling for hours without realizing it? The content we look at has the ability to help us or hurt us.

Healthy community requires connection: Connection is a touchpoint. Maybe it’s just asking how someone is doing on Facebook, commenting something encouraging on instagram, or sending a quick text. At home, it could just be asking your kid how their day was, or asking them what they did for the day. Connections are important in a time where there are limited opportunities for them.

Healthy community requires conversation: Conversation is an expression, sharing ideas, advice-giving, and helps us to put things into perspective. Conversation takes connection deeper and is important for the health of our minds. Intentional conversations at home are important but also connections through FaceTime and Zoom calls are important as well.

Joy stems from healthy community.

How are we helping ourselves and our teenagers to engage in healthy community during a time of social distancing so that they can continue experiencing joy?