I have a Choice

April 21, 2020



Our ministry leaders are diving headfirst into relationships with students during this pandemic. Huntington North Campus Life’s intern this year, Brooke Richison, has been passionately meeting with students over a screen and sharing the love of Christ with them in everything she does, on top of balancing her now online college life. This is what Brooke said about one of the groups she has been meeting with, doing a book study over Get Out Of Your Head by Jennie Allen:

Reading ‘Get Out of Your Head’ with my student, Paige, has been a life-changing experience for both of us. We first began going through the book because Paige struggles with overthinking and worrying. My intention for reading the book was to walk with her while she learned how to capture her toxic thoughts, but in the midst of it I realized I had been blindly struggling with the same thing! Together we realized that there is a battle of spiritual warfare taking place, and Satan’s biggest weapon is integrating lies and fears into our thoughts. As soon as we identified these lies and stopped victimizing ourselves, real change began to happen. We stand by the phrase ‘I have a choice.’ We have a choice to capture our negative thought or emotion and replace it with one of God’s truths. We have a choice not to spiral out of control and become overwhelmed with feeling worthless, helpless, or unlovable. Interrupting negative thoughts is a life-changing skill that is incredibly applicable in our daily routines. Paige and I are still in the process of training our minds to stop toxic thoughts, but the longer we reverse the lies the easier it becomes. Spiraling isn’t an option anymore!

Liz Irick

Huntington North Campus Life Director