He is Waiting

April 24, 2020



“I’ve been thinking about Florida a lot. I think it’s something I really need that is coming at the perfect time. Things have been kinda getting hard lately.”

James shared this with me only a few nights before we, unfortunately, had to cancel our annual YFC Spring Break trip to Florida. The young man’s relationship with God was building leading up to this trip, and I could tell he was preparing to encounter something special. Now James is bored, frustrated, and confused as to why he felt like this trip was going to be so life-changing for him.

Although we missed this Spring Break opportunity and certainly feel disappointment, it has been a blessing to see how God has opened different doors for us to have meaningful conversations. While we lament what we have missed, we see God is still at work providing moments for connection and allowing His hope to be heard. I have faith more opportunities will continue to rise up in James’ life where God is already waiting. We have had several discussions since then where we have shared our challenges and hopes — and even dreamed together about celebrations after this season!

Thank you for supporting YFC in Noble County and allowing students like James an opportunity to experience Jesus in a new way!

Jared Delagrange

Noble County Campus Life Director