Teens are Plugging In

April 27, 2020



Middle schoolers interact with online life differently than high schoolers as many do not have a social media presence. Thankfully, students do have access to Zoom due to e-learning requirements. I am so thankful for an ISMS team that has rolled with this change incredibly well. A couple of our ministry leaders did not miss a beat with their existing small group and CORE groups and transitioned to Zoom gatherings within the first couple weeks of the Stay at Home order. They have kept with the flow and stayed connected, even growing in the number of students who participate! A couple of other ministry leaders stepped into the void and began a brand new small group connection time via Zoom. Yet another leader started online devotions with students using the YouVersion app. We are also in the process of starting even more groups! Students have done digital scavenger hunts, made cookies in a mug together, and completed lessons. Despite the challenges we face during this season, students continue to plug in and we’re so grateful to be walking with them in this season!

Jeanette Jordan

ISMS Campus Life Director