Judgement-Free Zone

May 1, 2020



Josie has come off and on to our Club meetings over the past year but was hesitant about joining for our first virtual lunch. Simply put, we all grabbed food in our separate homes and got on Zoom so we could have some sense of normalcy and enjoy conversations while we sat down to eat. Josie was a little nervous and self conscious thinking she didn’t want to eat in front of others, but she decided to join because in the post about the virtual lunch we stated, “This will be a judgement-free zone where we will all be talking with our mouths full.” After being on for a little while Josie shared her previous hesitancy with the group, but she also shared how she was so glad she joined because she had missed people so bad!

Another student who was participating in the lunch also opened up after Josie shared and said it was the most fun he had had since the start of the stay-at-home order! It was a blast connecting with students and having real conversation over food even if we couldn’t be in the same space!

JR Gray

Warsaw Campus Life Director