Building Faith Foundations

May 3, 2020



New opportunities break through this social distancing in ways I never could have expected! Over the past few weeks, that have felt like months, I have watched God take students deeper in their personal walk with God like never before. I have five young men currently doing an online “Hebrew Bible” college-level course with me which is stretching them to grow and building the foundation of the Word in them that none of us would have had the time to do before now.

These young men are the future of the Church! I have no doubt God is using this time in powerful ways. Even if it was just for these men to build this Bible foundation in order to build his kingdom at a greater capacity in the months and years to come through them, it’s been worth it. The Word is coming alive to them through this class in ways they never dreamed, and they are now beginning to be able to teach and inspire others through what they are learning. Pray God would continue to use this time in their lives to build and grow their faith like never before!

Aaron French

Wabash County Campus Life Director