Aligning With God’s Purpose

May 11, 2020



Students need us now more than ever. During this season of sheltering in place, all of us are feeling the effects of isolation. Our ministry leaders have been such great champions during this time as they seek to bring hope in these tough times. The following is one such story from one of our ministry leaders in Woodlan, Kaitlyn Bestul.

Over my four years with Campus Life Woodlan, I’ve always wanted to lead a small group, and with the hit of COVID-19, I finally had no excuses. Now more than ever do we need to build relationships and start conversations. When deciding what to go over, I asked myself, “What did I need to know back then that I know now?” I needed to know more about myself: why I reacted to things the way I did and accepting who I was truly made to be. These days, kids are isolated with nothing but their own thoughts and feelings at home. What a perfect time to better understand yourself with minimum distractions!

14 girls across the state (and out of state) have joined the small group and are doing simple activities, like creating timelines of their lives and finding their Enneagram types, with the intention to discover themselves, each other, and how this aligns with God’s purpose for their life. In just the second week, girls have been asking for one-on-one times to ask tough questions. We are only in the beginning, but they want to learn and connect on a deeper level with one another. One of the hardest things to do is to discover who you truly are by diving deeper into your past, and the courage of these ladies to share past traumas with such ease makes me so proud to be a part of their lives.

Pray for our ministry leaders as they bring hope to the world of isolation students are currently living in!

Chase Wagner

Woodlan Campus Life Director