Planting Eternal Seeds

March 25, 2021


Students’ lives change when ministry leaders invest.  Jeff is a caring ministry leader who consistently invests in several students – wherever they are in their journey, in different and effective ways through YFC’s Campus Life programs including Club, Core Groups and more. Greg recently joined Jeff’s small group. Greg is a student who has been struggling to fit in after not making the sports team he was on the year before. Greg felt left out, like he was no longer part of the group. Jeff has a strong Core group, and he was asked if he would connect with Greg (Core is a student group with the overall purpose of reaching out to peers with the love and hope of Jesus). Jeff and the other boys welcomed Greg, giving him a space to learn and grow. Two members of the sports team are in the Core group which really helped Greg feel like he belonged. Greg is now seeing life with a renewed joy and confidence.

Jeff uses every opportunity to ensure boys connect with Campus Life. He brings two boys, Chris and Justin, to Club every Wednesday. Chris and Justin have been able to have fun and experience foundational truths for their lives.  At Club, they are being reached right where they are on their journey toward Jesus.

Sporting events are opportunities Jeff uses to build relationships with several members of the Core group. Jeff is also around many members of the Core group during the summer, helping and attending many of the Core kids’ baseball games. This helps in building relationships with the Core members and their families.

Greg, Chris, Justin and their families are beneficiaries of the eternal seeds planted by Jeff.  Now let’s join Jeff and pray for the growing ministry!

*Names in this story have been changed to respect the privacy of those we serve.


Jeanette Jordan, ISMS Campus Life Director